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Server has reset!
After many weeks of work, the server is back up and running! As stated in the previous announcement, all money, crystals, islands and playervaults have been reset. Ranks, kits and cosmetics did not reset. What's new? Read on to find out!

New Spawn
The server has a new spawn that looks much better than the previous one! Around spawn, you can find different NPCs to help guide you through the new server.

Custom Starter Island
There is now a custom starter island that you spawn with when you make a new island.

There are 5 new crates that have replaced the old ones: Voting, Ancient, Epic, Mega, and Ultra. Instead of being the traditional key crates, these crates are pistons that will be put into your inventory when you vote or buy a crate. To redeem them, you simply place them onto the ground. These new crates will remove the inconvenience of having to go to spawn to redeem your crates when you vote.

Starting Quests
When you join the server, you should be welcomed with a message in chat saying you have started some tutorial quests. They are still in Beta. If you join the server and encounter a quest that does not work, please report it to staff. These new quests are here to help any player that is new to Skyblock get started. Hopefully, this new feature will increase the player retention rate!

You can now safely trade items and money with other players! Just type /trade [playername] to trade.

Coming Soon
There are numerous other features that will soon be released on the server including:
  • Addition of custom enchants
  • Upgrade and stack spawners
Hop onto the server today to see the new spawn and how far the new server has come along!

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