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Island Warp Build Contests
Here's a fun activity idea to get players involved and excited about the server: Every month, a build contest where players create an island warp (/is warp [player]), built to make the theme of the month. Islands have lots of space and can easily fit several months of building contests, so players will not run out of space to do the contests, although I do suggest creating max dimension sizes. The build contests could be graded on several aspects, such as aesthetics, functionality (how it helps you and other players), matching the theme, and a lot more. Of course all grading categories would be decided by staff, I'm merely here to make suggestions. Players would receive rewards based on their ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...), such as store credit, crate keys, titles, etc... Rewards would also be decided by staff of course.

For example:
Next month is March, so a theme of Spring could be used. A player could create a mob arena that drops hostile mobs into an arena for players to fight. The arena would be decorated with flowers and blooming trees to match the Spring theme. The arena would also include an area with an enchantment table for players to use the xp they get from the arena.

Anyways that's my idea. Let's hear your opinions!
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