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A Few Suggestions
There are some balance issues right now, mostly involving iron. Iron blocks are way too low value for island levels. A whole stack of iron should be worth a lot more than 6.4 levels. Gold is worth 1.5 levels per block so I am suggesting remaking iron to be 0.5 levels per block.

The minishop /is minishop should be removed. It drastically lowers the values of many valuable items and directly conflicts with the shop prices.

I have another suggestion involving iron, as well as the other ores in the sell shop. Ores can only be sold back for a very very small fraction of what they cost. For example 1 iron costs $500 while it can be sold for $10. Gold bought for $600, sold for $20. Diamond bought for $800, sold for $40. You get the idea. The buy prices are fair, but the sell prices are far too low.

I really think my suggestions could help the server and I hope you find good solutions.
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