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Updates (July 15, 2017)
By fishpicklepaste on 07-15-2017, 05:23 PM - No Replies

Quick Website Update

  • Theme was edited so that it is more mobile friendly.
Quick Server Updates
  • Water on the starting islands no longer flows into the void.
  • Vote link in MOTD has been fixed.
  • Source of lag at spawn has been found and removed.

Custom Enchants
By fishpicklepaste on 07-11-2017, 05:28 PM - No Replies

Custom enchants have officially been released! To view them, run /enchanter or visit the NPC named Enchanter at spawn. Our custom enchants are not what you may expect. Because our server doesn't have any PvP on it at the moment, there are not any enchants specifically for PvP.

Because each...

Server has reset!
By fishpicklepaste on 06-02-2017, 06:36 PM - No Replies

After many weeks of work, the server is back up and running! As stated in the previous announcement, all money, crystals, islands and playervaults have been reset. Ranks, kits and cosmetics did not reset. What's new? Read on to find out!

New Spawn
The server has a...

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